Stealthed - lvl 31 Assasin

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Stealthed - lvl 31 Assasin Empty Stealthed - lvl 31 Assasin

Post  stealthe on Sun Jul 04, 2010 1:06 pm

hi i am from greece and i am 16 years old
my main is gladiator lvl 37 called warcaller and i am thinkibg of making the character called stealted lvl 31 assassin my main he is the one who wants to join the legion
usually i play over 5 hours rigth now iam on holidays so i can be in only hole nigth for one week
ye i would be willing to use both of them and verntillo and the forum page promise me if you have xfire that would be greate too ,,, i have ventrillo already XD
my expextation about the legion is making me feeling strong anf been in a friendly enviroment
i love pvp and helping around the members !!!xD
bo questions for the time >........< waiting for you steve tsalos=stealthed


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Stealthed - lvl 31 Assasin Empty Re: Stealthed - lvl 31 Assasin

Post  Luuska on Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:34 pm

welcome to legion Smile whisper Luuska, Yugo, Jambas or Beirnes in game for invite.


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